Fiber-reinforced construction rebar (polymer) is designed for reinforcement of various concrete structures: foundations, foundation slabs, self-leveling and industrial floors and other enclosing structures as main and distribution reinforcement and as flexible bonds in multilayer structures.


  • Range: diameter 6,8,10 and 12 mm
  • Much cheaper than steel reinforcement due to the reduced thickness of the protective layer of concrete, transportation costs and weight of the structures.
  • Does not require welding, is tied with wire or plastic ties.
  • Has a tensile strength 3 times higher than the strength of steel reinforcement
  • Does not corrode in concrete, in seawater and in contact with chemical reagents, effluents and sewage.
  • The service life of fiber-reinforced polymer rebar is at least 80 years, which is 2-3 times more than that of steel rebar
  • Transportation is possible by ordinary cars
  • Packed in 50-meter coils and can be used up completely.

Depending on the type of reinforcement design, a combination with metal is allowed and can be carried out either by tying with tying wire or plastic wiring tie wraps.


The choice of the type of reinforcement, its diameter and the method of linking is carried out individually by the designer depending on the type of work.

Fittings in stock:

Diameter Length Weight

6mm 50 meters   3 kg

8mm 50 meters   4,5 kg

10mm 50 meters   7,5 kg

12mm whips
6 meters
1,2 kg

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