POLYWIN P705 Profile System

The POLYWIN P705 standard class system is applicable for operation in most latitudes. 70mm depth and five-chamber structure largely prevent heat leakage.
Due to the careful design, POLYWIN P705 windows have a high sun throughput, and in severe frosts, they will not be frosty.
By increasing the seating area of the glass unit, the formation of condensation is reduced to a minimum.

  • Number of chambers – 5
  • Width – 70 mm
  • Number of sealing contours – 2 (colour: grey and black)
  • Frame height: outside 66 mm, inside 48 mm
  • Frame height with sash – 112 mm
  • By the thickness of the front walls it belongs to the profile type “B”
  • Service life – 20 years
  • European coefficient of thermal conductivity Uf- 1,4 Wm2K

Technical details

The reduced resistance to heat transfer of plastic profiles without a steel reinforcing insert is 0.849 m2°C/W, with a steel insert – 0.815 m2°C/W.

Two reinforcement options – closed and open.

The overlap of the sash with additional stiffeners guarantees the reliability of the hinge attachment to the sash.

Increased planting depth of a double-glazed window.

The axial dimension of the hardware groove of 13 mm allows the use of anti-burglar fittings, significantly reducing the risk of burglary.


Certification and test reports

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