Sliding Structures

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The sliding cold system is intended for rooms which are unsuitable for the rotary opening system. The system works so that by turning the handle to the tilt position, you can slide the window casement to the side, parallel to the frame.
In this way, opening the window takes up less space than for windows with conventional swing-out fittings.
The sliding system has an easy closing function. Owing to the large allowable casement weight, this system is also well suited for sliding doors.
The system is 70 mm thick and, therefore, is compatible with the standard five-chamber system.

Profile thickness
70 mm

Water resistance class
2 A

Wind-resistance class
C1 / B2

Possible glazing thicknesses
20 mm

Certification and test reports

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Cold sliding systems

Cold glazing is the installation of plastic frames and profiles on the balcony. Its main advantage lies in the fact that such products are lightweight, which is why they exert little stress on balcony structures. At the same time, the temperature difference on the balcony and on the street will be minimal.


Warm sliding systems

Warm sliding doors are considered more practical than swing doors, in particular, due to the maximum preservation of free space. At the same time, they look stylish and can be made in different colours. Also, their advantages include:

• Good level of protection from cold, rain, wind, snow, dirt and dust
• Durability
• Environmental friendliness
• Ease of maintenance and care
• Low weight

These products are versatile. They can be installed in any room, regardless of its purpose.

Folding design principle (accordion doors)

Accordion door structures are usually made in places where other systems simply do not fit.
They are easy to use and do not need additional space when opening.

The accordion design consists of several narrow leafs, interconnected by special hinges.
The first panel connects to the box. The rest are attached to each other, equipped with roller wheels, thanks to which the door can be easily folded and unfolded if necessary.

The design keeps heat well in rooms.