Reinforsing Frames

Plastic profile systems are made of PVC, which expands or contracts under the influence of temperature. To avoid PVC profiles deformation, a reinforced galvanised profile is inserted into plastic windows. It also compensates for linear deformations and gives additional rigidity to the structure.

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Profiles in stock:

REHAU 245536
Aluplast 249004

REHAU 244506

REHAU 244516


Gealan 8701
Gealan 8751

Gealan 8703
Gealan 8753

Aluplast 229023

Aluplast 229101

Gealan 8000

25 x 24

KBE V303

KBE V306

VEKA 113.292

VEKA 113025

VEKA 113.010

VEKA 113.002

SCHUKO 202446

SCHUKO 202623

ME 60L/Z

ME 60T "eco"

ME 60D "eco"

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